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HyperGen (Biorigin), a new soluble prebiotic

Altilis Nutrition Animale extends its yeast product range with HyperGen, a new generation of prebiotics.

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A micronized natural calcium (Micronizados Naturales)

Regarding mineral products, Altilis Nutrition Animale offers, with its partner Micronizados Naturales, MicroNatur product range, micronized natural calcium.

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Selemax (Biorigin) now authorized in organic agriculture

Altilis Nutrition Animale promotes Selemax (Biorigin), a selenium-enriched yeast, with high selenomethionine content.

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Axtra® XB (Dupont) now authorized in sows in Europe

Altilis Nutrition Animale is pleased to announce the European authorization of Axtra® XB in sows (4a15).

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A new phytase (Dupont) authorized in Europe

Exclusive distributor of Dupont enzymes in France, Altilis Nutrition Animale launches its new phytase Axtra® PHY in swine and poultry.

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