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Since its creation, Altilis Nutrition Animale commercializes calcium and sodium propionates from Tiel production site, located in the Netherlands, and considered today as the main producer in Europe.


Currently, the company Niacet will manage the sales of products from Tiel site for all the markets. Niacet and Altilis Nutrition Animale commonly decided to maintain and strengthen their historical distribution partnership in animal nutrition sector. From now on, Altilis will directly treat with Niacet.

This turning point is particularly marked by the Calprona® brand comeback on the field!

Thus, from the 1st of March 2018, the product range will be once again marketed under the brand Calprona®:


•             Calprona®  CP Powder and Calprona® CP Granular for calcium propionates,

•             Calprona® SP Agglomerate for sodium propionates, and

•             Calprona® CA for calcium acetates.


It is important to note the products will keep the same quality and granulometry.

Calprona® products can be used as feed preservatives for all species, as they have antifungal activity especially. It is also interesting to note that Calprona® CP products represent a source of energy and very digestible calcium for ruminants.


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