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On the basis of our partnerships and our expertise in animal nutrition, we design and develop products under the brand Altilis.





  • Altic® product range : antifungal and antibacterial products





  • Altic® Bind
  • Solufactor®
  • Nutrineed®



Complementary feed for laying hens


  • Mitaway® / Mitaway®(only for export)





  • Altifin® : betaine anhydrous and betaine HCl



Protected fats


Calcium salts and hydrogenated fats :

  • Alti-Lac, Alti-C18, Alti-C18 G : from canola
  • Alti-Sal, Alti-Gen : from palm



Natural pigments


  • Altic® Yellow : natural yellow pigment
  • Altic® Red : natural red pigment



Feed phosphates


  • Nutriphos® M22 : MCP



Vegetal charcoal


  • Altic® Carbo



Altilis®, Altic®, Solufactor®, Mitaway®, Maway®, Altifin®, Nutriphos®, Nutrineed® used on the current website and also Neoferm® et Neostart®  are registered trademarks of Altilis Nutrition Animale. Their reproduction without the prior written authorization of Altilis Nutrition Animale is strictly forbidden. 


Product content (indications and claims) and also availability can vary according to geographical areas.

Please contact us to know more about available products in your country. 

Non-exhaustive list, for more information on our offer in your area, please contact us.

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