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Altilis Nutrition Animale and Dupont published during the last JRP days (Paris) a trial confirming the relevance of high doses of Axtra® PHY phytase in post-weaning piglets.



This phytase is exceptionnally highly active at low pH compared to phytases from E.coli for example. It also resists better to pepsin produced by the animal and acts twice as fast in the upper part of the digestive tract, both to release phosphorus and overcome the antinutritional effects of phytates. The net result is an improvement of about 20% phosphorus and calcium release and up to 30% energy and amino acid availability.


The trial presented during JRP validated that high doses of Axtra® PHY phytase in piglets provide extra-phosphoric effects (improved energy digestibility and amino acids). The use of Axtra® PHY turns into lower feed costs in practice.

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