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We are pleased to announce the final authorization from the European Commission to expand the use of Enviva® PRO, our multi-strain probiotic, to the European turkey production market, following the publication of Regulation 2021/2051 of November 24, 2021.


With this authorization extension, it can be now used for all meat poultry species and pullets as a zootechnical feed additive as a gut flore stabiliser (No. 4b1827i).


Enviva® Pro associates three bacterial strains, renamed “Bacillus velezensis” (previously “Bacillus subtilis”), carefully selected and tested for several years for their ability to set up early and maintain a favorable gut microbiota balance, and also, to bring proven protection against diverse health challenges.

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/2051 of 24 November 2021 concerning the authorisation of a preparation of Bacillus velezensis PTA-6507, Bacillus velezensis NRRL B-50013 and Bacillus velezensis NRRL B-50104 as a feed additive for turkeys for fattening (holder of authorisation: Danisco Animal Nutrition represented by Genencor International B.V.)


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