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The product - Betaine : a solution to fight against heat stress


Download the pdf : A.T.P. Letter n°1 - Betaine vs Heat Stress in Poultry


In case of heat stress, in case of heat stress, an electrolyte leakage occurs in the body. Yet, electrolytes are responsible for maintaining cell hydration. Consequently, animals suffer from dehydration. One solution consists of rehydrating animals by supplementing them with electrolytes or osmolytes like betaine for example.


What is Betaine ?

Betaine is a substance with an important role in animal nutrition as it acts as an osmolyte. It is particularly of great interest during hot periods.

An osmolyte is a small organic molecule which can easily diffuse in the cells and replace electrolytes (Na, K) to maintain osmotic pressure and cell hydration.

The anhydrous form of betaine, at high dosage, has a stronger osmoregulation capability than that of hydrochloride form. We will mainly focus on anhydrous form of betaine.


How betaine can help vs heat stress ?

In case of heat stress, betaine will quickly enter in the body cells and will replace K ions for maintaining hydration. As a consequence, water excretion is reduced alleviating dehydration effects.


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It is interesting to note betaine is passively diffusing in the body cells, without any energy consumption contrary to sodium pump which has to be activated to balance osmotic pressure, processus which is consuming ATP.

As a result, there is less mortality observed with betaine, in case of heat stress, performance is enhanced with a lasting rising temperature. There is also less risk of wet litters.


ALTIFIN, the solution to fight heat stress !

Altilis designed and developed a range betaine products, under the brand Altifin, which allows to meet the heat stress challenge in hot countries.

Altilis offer two products Altifin, under the anhydrous form according to the targeted application :


Product name



Betaine content




Through feed

Through drinking water

Recommended dosage

1 kg/ton of feed

0.5 g/l of drinking water


Altifin products can be used on all species.