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The product - Our solutions for drinking water applications


Download the pdf file : Technical letter A.T.P.n°2 - Redmite management in laying hens

Altilis Animal Nutrition offers a wide range of additives and raw materials for animal nutrition. In addition to solutions dedicated to feed application, Altilis has also developed drinking water solutions for poultry:

•    ALTIC® CID L for bacteria flora management
•    MITAWAY® to support laying performance


Altic Cid L


Altic® Cid L is a liquid blend of lactic acid, formic acid and acetic acid to be used in drinking water of poultry for the control of bacterial flora and microbial contamination of carcasses.


•    Maintains the balance of intestinal flora, reduction of digestive disorders and diarrhoeas.

•  Improves performance and homogeneity among the batches of animals. Reduces breeding mortality.

•    Helps to control microbial contamination of carcasses. Altic® Cid L has long been used to reduce contamination of salmonella carcasses. It is also effective in reducing the total flora (E.coli and campylobacter) in carcasses.

•    Destroys biofilms (algae, bacteria and yeasts) in the pipes of drinking system for better sanitary status of drinking water and better sanitation of watering systems.


Dosage recommendations :

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MITAWAY® is a natural complementary feed, developed from plant extracts. It has been designed to support laying performance and improve natural resistance and welfare of laying hens in their environment.


Benefits :

•    Innovative mode of action with proven efficacy

•    Profitable: improves performance, egg quality and reduces work time

•    Easy to use: application through drinking water system

•    Safe for users, animals and environment

•    Natural product: made of plant extracts, usable in organic production


Dosage recommendations:

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