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On the basis of our partnerships and our expertise in animal nutrition, we design and develop products under the brand Altilis.





  • Altic® product range : antifungal and antibacterial products





  • Altic® Bind
  • Solufactor®



Redmite control


  • Mitaway®





  • Altifin® : betaine anhydrous and betaine HCl



Protected fats


Calcium salts and hydrogenated fats :

  • Alti-Lac, Alti-C18, Alti-C18 G : from canola
  • Alti-Sal, Alti-Gen : from palm



Natural pigments


  • Altic® Yellow : natural yellow pigment
  • Altic® Red : natural red pigment



Feed phosphates


  • Nutriphos® M22 : MCP



Vegetal charcoal


  • Altic® Carbo



Altilis®, Altic®, Solufactor®, Mitaway®, Altifin®, Nutriphos® used on the current website are registered trademarks of Altilis Nutrition Animale. Their reproduction without the prior written authorization of Altilis Nutrition Animale is strictly forbidden. 

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